Heli-tourism takes off today in Udupi

Udupi: Nestled between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, Udupi can look spectacular from the air. Come Tuesday and tourists to the city will be able to enjoy its natural beauty from a helicopter. Heli -tourism has only been talked about in coastal Karnataka for about a decade. But now Udupi deputy commissioner R Vishal has decided to give it shape, convinced it will bring more tourists to the picturesque district.The administration has roped in Chipsan Aviation to provide the helicopter which will fly six people at a time for10 minutes over Udupi city, giving them an aerial view of the green landscape abutting the sea . Bookings have already started for the joy ride which will take off from the Adi Udupi helipad. While it will cost Rs 3,000 per head, students get a concession fare of Rs 2,600.
Helicopter tourism launched in Udupi
Tourism in Udupi district, dotted with pristine beaches and pilgrim centres, is all set to get a major push with the launch of the helicopter tourism facility at Adi Udupi helipad on Monday. The service, currently available for two weeks, could get extended if it becomes a hit. Tourists, VVIPs or businessmen wanting to visit Udupi or Kollur can hop into the chopper from Mangaluru and reach the pilgrim centres.