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Airbus H 145 D3- Mercedes Benz Style (VT-RGP)

Airbus H 145, a light twin engine helicopter together with its inherently versatile cabin layout, is tailored for emergency medical services and law enforcement duties, along with aerial work and passenger transport, including private and business aviation as well as offshore operations. In 2020, a new innovative version of the H145 entered service equipped with a five-bladed main rotor. This new H145 embodies a major customer expectation: the ability to operate an aircraft with a great useful load. On that point, the H145 is over-performing, and surpassing all the competitors in its class. The latest version of Airbus’ H145 family has increased the useful load by 150 kg compared to the previous version, leading to the best ratio of useful load to maximum takeoff weight (50%) for a light twin helicopter. Chipsan Aviation Pvt Ltd. Inducted India’s first Airbus H145 D3 Mercedes Benz Style Helicopter in 2021

Airbus has set a new standard in smoothness and flight comfort with its bearingless and hingeless five-blade main rotor. The strain on crew has been reduced considerably – improving overall mission efficiency. This innovation builds on the rotor’s simplified maintenance, increasing the availability rate – which is already remarkable on the H145.

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